daily cookie… The Blog!

Alrighty… So I’ve been asked by a couple blogs to do some guest posting. Awesome! “We just need the link to your blog!” they say… And then I rather embarrassing admit that I don’t have one… Yeah! I know right?! I mean I love to blab! Why don’t I have a blog for crying out loud? And here’s the simple, pathetic answer… I’m too freaking lazy for a blog!

I have to correct something… I do have blogs… In actual fact I am a serial blog starter. I get all excited and puffed up with opinions, I even picture the way I want my blog to look! When it comes down to it though I rarely get part the “name your blog” stage… Once in a while I write a post or two… And then promptly get bored. So I do have little dead blogs all over the place…

This one… This one is different though! Because I have a ready made audience of awesome cookie people who actually give a crap about what I have to say… Cookie or un-cookie related 🙂

So here we go folks… daily cookie… The Blog!